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We’re at Gatsby Days LA

Today, we’re in sunny California for Gatsby Days LA.

Gatsby Days are single-track events full of keynotes, workshops, and un-conference sessions on Gatsby JS and the greater eco-system of modern web development tools and products. You can expect to learn a lot through tips and best practices directly from the Gatsby team and its contributors or through examples with case studies presented by companies like Tinder.

Gatsby and WordPress are a perfect pair

We’re attending Gatsby Days to connect with the community and to take a deeper look into all that Gatsby can offer, especially for WordPress users. Our focus is on what’s next for Gatsby Cloud and features like Preview and Build. From line-up of speakers representing the Gatsby team today, we expect more than a few exciting announcements.

If you’re like us and you want to expand your Gatsby/WordPress knowledge, give our latest starter project a try. We created a workflow for WordPress users so they can host their WordPress sites on Shifter, run their builds on Github, and deploy the final product to Netlify. While this was an exercise in how-to connect services, it happens to also be a low to no-cost solution for running WordPress backed Gatsby sites in the cloud.

Shifter Gatsby WordPress Starter

To give our Gatsby starter a try, start with our blog post and the project repo. We’ll be submitting this starter to the official Gatsby Starter list as well. That Shifter WordPress Gatsby starter is a fork of and heavily influenced by Jason Bahl’s workshop project. The main differences on this repo are: 1. It expands on DRY (don’t repeat yourself) methodology reducing the codebase a bit, and 2. Gatsby Config is modified to work with Shifter and GitHub Actions.

Let’s get started!

If you’re not in LA right now, there’s no need to rush over. Gatsby Days sessions are recorded and generously shared online after the conference wraps up. For previous Gatsby Days sessions, check out their site for past events or search YouTube where all the videos are uploaded.