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Upcoming changes to site artifacts and automated backups

We’ve had an exciting year at Shifter, with more product feature releases in the past 12 months than in the time dating back to our launch in 2016 combined. As Shifter continues to evolve, we’re beginning to lay the groundwork for a new and improved model for how Shifter sites are generated. To prepare for these changes, we’re making some updates to how backups work on Shifter.

Back in October, we introduced automatic WordPress backups for Shifter sites. This makes it possible to download your sites data along with your WordPress backup date in order to easily roll back the version of your site, migrate your site, build a test environment or fallback, and more. These backups are created every time you create a version (or artifact) of your site using Shifter.

When we launched automated backups, we allowed users to keep up to 20 versions of their site. In the few short months since this feature was launched thousands of automated backups were created. This has also given us feedback on how to improve this feature. The data has shown that backups beyond the 10th generation are rarely used. Moving forward, we will be updating our backup model to only include 10 generations.

Reducing the number of backups will allow us to begin making improvements to our site generation process and to use our resources more effectively. Backups that do not include changes will not be stored, so you’re only tracking actual changes. This improves the storage used on customer accounts, the time to generate, and eliminating any confusion when accessing your backups.

This change will take effect starting March 3, 2020.

If you wish to save your backups beyond your 10th most recently generated artifact, see the following support documents to download your backups from the Shifter dashboard.

How to Download an Artifact 

How to create and download backups of your WordPress site 

The Shifter team always welcomes your feedback. Please feel free to contact us through support with any comments or requests.