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Shifter Static Sites now include a category tag feed and an external embed page

Recently, we’ve expanded Shifter’s RSS capabilities. Today, we’ll walk you through what’s new. 

You may now generate feeds from category tags

Until recently, only recent posts could be used in RSS feeds. Now, it’s possible to generate feeds from categories and tags, meaning that it’s possible to widely use RSS feeds, even on static sites. 

You may now generate an external embed page when you generate a new site artifact.  

Until now, when generating a static site image or “artifact” on a WordPress site with Shifter, it was only possible to generate url paths like “https: // permalink /”. But now, it’s possible to generate a url path like “https: // permalink / embed /” when you generate a new artifact. 

This makes it possible to create an external embed within an iframe on other sites using the “https: // permalink / embed /” site generated by Shifter.

Access your embed link  (“https: // permalink / embed /”) Show HTML for embedding

If you use HTML Embed in your embed link, you can output HTML for use in embedded pages on other sites.

WordPress integration (WordPress Embed) by JSON-API will be supported in the future.

Let’s try it out!

To generate an embed link, use a page that you’ve already created. View the Generator Settings from your site’s WordPress dashboard and uncheck Skip Embeds under Embeds. Then, generate a new artifact. 

Create a page Click Generator Settings Uncheck Skip Embeds and run Generate

This update is available in all plans including our free tier so please feel free to give it a try and let us know any feedback you might have. 

Thanks for using Shifter!