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Debug Mode Is Now Available on Shifter Sites

Today we’re excited to announce Debug Mode, a useful feature for Shifter sites.  Debug mode is a tool specific to WordPress for developing and troubleshooting WordPress sites.

One of the reasons that require access to debug mode on Shifter include debugging code for the Shifter environment or locating detailed error messages when contacting customer support. It was already possible to use debug mode when developing with Shifter Local (In fact, Shifter Local has debug-mode enabled by default.). However, up until now there hasn’t been a way to enable debug mode in the live Shifter environment. The typical process for enabling debug mode by digging into your WordPress files and modifying wp-config.php hasn’t been possible on Shifter due to Shifter’s serverless architecture, That’s why we’re happy to announce that Debug Mode can now be accessed from your Shifter dashboard. 

Let’s try it out! 

1. Launch your site as an Emergency User

Navigate to your site’s Settings page on the Shifter dashboard. Then, scroll down to the Emergency Actions section. Next, click the button labeled “Launch with emergency user”

2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard with the displayed username and password.

 3. Confirming that Debug Mode is running

If you’d like to confirm that Debug Mode is running, you may install a plugin like  Debug Status display or any other debugging plugins.

And that’s it! Be sure to check the official support documentation for full details.

Thanks for using Shifter!