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Daniel Olson of DigitalCube is speaking at WordCamp Montreal

Dan Olson, COO of DigitalCube has officially been accepted as a speaker at WordCamp Montreal! Dan will be speaking about a topic we frequently discuss at Shifter: bringing a JAMstack approach to WordPress. For those unfamiliar, JAMstack is a new approach to web development that forgoes a traditional hosting environment and uses Javascript, APIs, and markup languages to deliver static sites that can perform dynamically and provide superior developer experience, security, and performance.

Although the JAMstack concept has only been defined since 2016, it’s an approach that’s been integrated into WordPress since the development of the first Gutenberg block.

During his talk, Developing With WordPress, the JAMstack Way, Dan will be discussing and demonstrating the incredible possibilities of combining a JAMstack approach to WordPress from Gutenberg, to the WordPress REST API, accessibility, voice as an interface, and more.

This talk is intended for all audiences, regardless of skill level, so if you’re in Montreal, be sure to check it out.

See you in Montreal!